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  • Posted a comment on ticket #699 on CLISP - an ANSI Common Lisp

    > do you think I should remove the 1st workaround? Yes. The subsection "Scripts named with a leading dash." is pointless, because Unix users learn quickly that filenames starting with dash produce trouble (when they try vi -filename or rm -filename) Also I would rename the section "Handling interpreter-arguments." to "How clisp handles interpreter-arguments.", otherwise the users may think this section describes how they have to handle interpreter-arguments.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #699 on CLISP - an ANSI Common Lisp

    > I think you are right and, given 16154, the whole clisp! line can be dropped. Good. Done. I reverted the change 16151, but marked this bug as fixed in NEWS. > I would still like to keep the impnotes change (suitably edited) I did't touch impnotes this time. Can I leave that to you?

  • Committed [2714db]

    Revert introduction of installed program 'clisp!' (no longer needed).

  • Posted a comment on ticket #699 on CLISP - an ANSI Common Lisp

    Sam, > I think I have a completely backwards compatible solution: the only people who would ever need it are those whose script names contain spaces. > Those people will need to add -q to the shebang line in their scripts ... We do not have a problem with file names that contain spaces, any more. For the clisp executable, I fixed this in commit 16151, by moving the argv[1] splitting to clisp!. For the clisp! executable, I fixed this in commit 16154, by applying the argv[1] splitting to only the case...

  • Committed [e22e11]

    Don't use a global register variable as return value for SPARC.

  • Committed [39e72c]

    Remove support for M88000 processors.

  • Committed [684914]

    Correct indentation (regression from 2007-12-13).

  • Committed [110083]

    Remove support for VAX processors.

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