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  • Posted a comment on discussion Developers on NCO netCDF Operators

    I hereby volunteer to develop and maintain a Cygwin NCO package. On the Cygwin side, I will go and read up the documentation on Cygwin package maintenance. On the NCO side, I can build NCO from source on Cygwin (64-bit), e.g. I just build and installed NCO 4.7.0, but: I have never managed to build ncap2 All the other utilities build OK and seem to do what I ask of them (which isn't complicated) but there are a lot of failures in make test. I will look into these issues and come back with specific...

  • Committed [fbaee4]

    Added Paul Tol colour tables; miscellaneous twe...

  • Committed [f4f415]

    A new color for MGH_COLOR; minor code updates

  • Committed [6c60cd]

    Minor mods to MGH_ROTATE

  • Committed [91bdad]

    Add files from my IDL library

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