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  • Committed [r166]

    Allow genome names longer than 7 characters to be output in matrix files

  • Committed [r165]

    Made extend anchors more robust, allowed fewer CGNs for ends of contigs, reduced window sizes, and some other minor stuff

  • Committed [r84]

    Modified selection of seeds to be less restrictive on possibly poorly trimmed alleles. Changed best hits to prefer full length matches over bitscore. Modified hash reference to avoid warning message. Added two overalp cases for allele check which shouldn't actually change behavior but is more correct.

  • Committed [r74]

    fixing last fix continue/next

  • Committed [r73]

    change zero length Blast results from ERROR to ...

  • Committed [r72]

    check that hash is defined before calling keys

  • Committed [r52]

    fix hardcoding of max_mismatch in pull_seqs

  • Committed [r44]

    Fix create seed for no redundant allele case

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