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  • Committed [800eef]

    Made 3dl2ctl.rb and cube2ctl.rb check that the Ruby version is 1.9 at least.

  • Committed [f06540]

    v3.7.8 contains bug fixes to audio on Windows, removes assert0's, adds two new LUT sizes (192 and 256).

  • Committed [3d65fb]

    Fixed rotx/roty rotation of cube/sphere. Made the code faster.

  • Committed [5f022e]

    Added a comment to rotation of cube/sphere in mrvGLEngine.cpp.

  • Committed [125685]

    Updated version to 3.7.7.

  • Committed [6147e3]

    Updated TODO.txt.

  • Committed [9b3850]

    Made mrViewer use uiPrefsXPosition/XSize/YPosition/YSize to set the main window positioning on startup, regardless of image loaded.

  • Committed [b33629]

    Made Add Attribute and modify timecode_cb refresh the view window, so that the timecode HUD display updates accordingly.

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2011-09-07 18:37:49


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  • Project Logo mrViewer Flipbook, Image Viewer and Audio-Video Player Last Updated:


  • C++
  • Modern (Vendor-Supported) Desktop Operating Systems
  • Ruby
  • Unix Shell
  • Python

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