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  • Committed [r1642]

    Install the KXMLGUI rc file to the new location as warned in the console output. Add optional slot, whitespace, and comment to the PortageAtom regex to handle package.mask / use / &c. lines better. Apparently Manifest.gz files started appearing in the tree so they need to be ignored. Set shortcuts on the KActionCollection instead of directly on the QAction as warned in the console output.

  • Committed [r1641]

    Update icon names according to the new scheme.

  • Committed [r1640]

    Fix the settings.h include in CachePortageJob too.

  • Committed [r1639]

    Include settings.h directly instead of by weird relative path in Emerge.

  • Committed [r1638]

    Split the QObjectPointer jobs into a separate Impl class that inherits ::Job, which is wrapped by QObjectPointer instead of wrapping 'this' which doesn't seem to work. Comment out the deletes of the job pointer and hope that QSharedPointer takes care of that nicely. First pass at the live ebuild for the new version.

  • Committed [r1637]

    Add the Cancel button to message.cpp so it doesn't segfault trying to activate it on application start. Convert all QUrls into QUrl::fromLocalFile since QUrl can't detect that automatically.

  • Committed [r1636]

    Port all ThreadWeaver things enough that it compiles and links but crashes instantly on start :'(

  • Committed [r1635]

    Add some missing includes caught by a script. Change a hidden signal to finished (hope they're similar enough). Use KAboutData instead of K4AboutData. Wrap strings in file_copy with QUrl to make it happy now. Comment out the lastWindowClosed signal handling, seems like that might be automatically handled by default now. Remove the PackageListItem from PackageVersion since it doesn't actually use it, but let it stay a friend so it can call the protected PackageVersion constructor. Pull m...

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