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  • Committed [703d44]

    Fixed TMF direction term so the vortex shift now matches the magnetic field run direction.

  • Committed [a9b5be]

    Fixed wrong coefficient in TMFD problem. Now TMF and TMFD have come to agreement.

  • Committed [2a4675]

    Added bouyancy convection to dimensional form of the TMF problem.

  • Committed [18bf59]

    Merged (temporary) discarding buoyancy convection for dimensional TMF problem.

  • Committed [r39]

    Added support for JWM.

  • Committed [eee8af]

    Attained (at least qualitative) agreement between non-dimensional and dimensional TMF problems.

  • Committed [b22a34]

    Modified sample Makefile to include code genearion step (needs further elaboration).

  • Committed [5dc1b2]

    Implemented zero pivot sanity check for the PETSc solver.

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2002-11-18 11:42:12
Perm / Russia / YEKT


  • AutoC A host of Ruby modules related to automatic C source code generation Last Updated:
  • Finita Package for solving PDE systems numerically Last Updated:
  • MenuMaker   Last Updated:
  • ValaWindowsInstaller Vala programming language distribution for Windows Last Updated:
  • WHPC Build and run environment for HPC codes on Windows Last Updated:


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