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  • Committed [r34228]

    Since not all GUIs have a switch to toggle the tracing of the main CPU, add a monitor command that does that

  • Committed [r34226]

    Some Cocoa headers give compile errors if DEBUG is defined without a value. But VICE's --enable-debug configure-time switch does a #define DEBUG, so the Cocoa build was breaking

  • Committed [r34225]

    The assumption that console_log is not NULL does not hold. If a breakpoint has an associated command, when the breakpoint triggers the command is executed before the monitor window is restored, so console_log is null.

  • Committed [r34200]

    Be compatible with the "real" readline, in which the return value must be free'd with free()

  • Committed [r34197]

    src/console.h declares readline non-static, so it must be non-static here too otherwise it won't compile

  • Committed [r34196]

    Correctly check for emptiness of string

  • Committed [r34195]

    Also copy the dependencies of libraries to the bundle

  • Committed [r34169]

    Also display the "latched" value of the timer (the value where the countdown started)

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