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  • Committed [r4652]

    Allow internally to add a matrix to zero. It should eventually be made consistent up to the algebraic level.

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on REDUCE

    Hello Cristóbal, There is good and bad news. The good news is that with a change made by Arthur on a critical function of Excalc the stack overflow is no longer happening. The bad news is that it takes a very long time to do your calculation and you also need a fair amount of memory for it. To be concrete, on a 4Ghz machine the calculation is done in 48 hours. To run smoothly you better have 32 GB of memory available. The last component in your calculation yields (done by Arthur on his machine) 0...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on REDUCE

    Hello Cristóbal, I tried your program and see the same problem. The reason for the failure comes from the fact that the algorithms used for dealing with index symmetries are written using recursion extensively. This is fine for lower dimensions. For high dimensions like 9 in your case, however, this causes a stack overflow. Unfortunately, the only cure is to rewrite parts of EXCALC with better behavior for higher dimensions. I will take a look and see what I can do. However, I cannot promise anything....

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on REDUCE

    Hello, Without more information it is hard to tell what is going wrong. Feel free to send me your program and I will take a look. Eberhard

  • Committed [r4354]

    Snapshot building: another needed adjustment of timeout to assure successful building on the machine at Brock.

  • Committed [r4343]

    Increase LONGTIMEOUT to 10 hours to cope with the slowdown after the latest OS updates.

  • Committed [r4304]

    Matrixproc needed an update to work with the changes introduced for type annotation.

  • Posted a comment on discussion Developers on REDUCE

    The switch can be given any name as long as it doesn't clash with something already existing. Preferably, the name should be intuitive (off unat or utf_nat suggests to me that one would also turn off the unicode printing). At the moment the switch unicode_in_off_nat is not turned off when nat is turned on. It has no consequencies whatsoever when nat is turned on. So when you say 'on unicode_in_off_nat' you can toggle nat as many times as you want in your program and have always the unicode characters...

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