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  • Modified ticket #24 on QMidiArp

    The LV2 custom GUI doens't work in Ardour

  • Modified ticket #21 on QMidiArp

    qmidiarp LV2 plugin missing the first note

  • Posted a comment on ticket #24 on QMidiArp

    Hi, The QMidiArp plugins work with jalv.gtk and ardour4 on my system, both using suil's , which on my distro is installed in /usr/lib64/suil-0. But I don't have ardour5. Could you try jalv.gtk in a terminal and see whether this works? I understand the mess with different toolkit library versions and LV2, but qmidiarp as an application has been using Qt ever since, so the module GUIs are also Qt. Regarding carla there seem to be communication...

  • Committed [d6151f]

    MIDI Forwarding of unmatched events improved, useful in plugin chain

  • Posted a comment on ticket #21 on QMidiArp

    Hi Wayne, you actually found a new bug ! It hasn't anything to do with this one, but thank you for the nice analysis that helped me solving it. The vel 1 notes should actually just not be there, this was an annoying regression. Should be fixed in the last commit I just did.

  • Committed [9472c8]

    Fixed arp straying in NOTE_ONs with vel 0 (regression, still bug #21)

  • Committed [49802c]

    Version pushed to 0.6.6

  • Created a blog post on QMidiArp

    qmidiarp 0.6.5 maintenance release

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