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  • Posted a comment on ticket #554 on ELF Tool Chain

    Anther symbol that fails with the same crash: _ZZN7simlib318SIMLIB_create_nameEPKczE1s from FreeBSD PR 223333, I don't recall now where I came up with the _ZZ1 testcase, but it may well have been a reduced version of the one submitted in PR 223333.

  • Created ticket #555 on ELF Tool Chain

    readelf: support -z/--decompress

  • Created ticket #554 on ELF Tool Chain

    assertion failure upon "c++filt _ZZ1"

  • Committed [r3583]

    libelftc_dem_gnu3: replace one more string length constant

  • Committed [r3582]

    cpp_demangle_read_encoding: unwrap single line

  • Committed [r3581]

    as: fix build

  • Committed [r3580]

    readelf: add newline after unknown MIPS-specific dynamic entries

  • Committed [r3579]

    readelf: add NT_ARM_VFP FreeBSD ELF core note type

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