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  • Committed [5a5269]

    Made physics body masses to be square by defaul...

  • Committed [145782]

    Redid controls and shapes to not emit normals i...

  • Committed [eb613d]

    Added Shape.ProgressBar.

  • Committed [ef1d1d]

    Added RowCount to the progress bar to allow the...

  • Committed [7abdac]

    Early fresnel highlighting implementation.

  • Committed [511da8]

    Cross-platform and performance-related fixes.

  • Committed [1531e1]

    All XML warnings removed from DOUBLE build.

  • Committed [d6188c]

    ISE.Media, ISE.FreeType, ISE.Media.FFMPeg, IRL....

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2007-08-24 10:23:09


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