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  • Committed [71ad29]

    normalizing constructor/copy const/assign./destr of libdar classes

  • Committed [9b38f6]

    normalizing constructor/copy const/assign./dest. of dar classes

  • Committed [46387e]

    modifying assignment operator of all class to return a non const reference

  • Committed [86bd89]

    added comment explaining why smart_pointer has been created while std::shared_ptr exists

  • Committed [cff33b]

    using the C++11 "= delete" qualificatif in place of throwing exception for forbiddent class achive constructors

  • Committed [4320e5]

    fixed missing throw in tools.cpp (exception condition was not reported)

  • Modified ticket #132 on DAR - Disk ARchive

    bind mounts goes undetected with --no-mount-points

  • Posted a comment on ticket #132 on DAR - Disk ARchive

    Hi, could not find a portable way to detect bind mounts. The stat() familly system calls return a st_dev field in the struct stat that is the same for a given filesystem, whatever it is mounted normally or remounted through a bind mount. if you have a portable way to detect bind mount, my ears are all open, Cheers, Denis

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2002-10-23 21:07:22
France / CEST


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