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  • Committed [r3364]

    about to change to be constant length

  • Committed [r3362]

    first pass at indep amp and gain estimation for each formant

  • Committed [r3357]

    Gnome software indexing comment line, thanks Maitland

  • Committed [r3355]

    first pass at constructing VQs on teh fly with individual amps

  • Committed [r3354]

    starting to combine split VQs and explore gain combinations

  • Committed [r3353]

    investigated and fixed a bug in Hilbert Transform based phase synthesis, hts1a quite good with phase0, even after dec by 4

  • Committed [r3352]

    reas results with 2 bit slope and 1 bit mag quantiser 1-3k, with dec by 4, and refactored to quantiser callbacks

  • Committed [r3351]

    reas results with 2 bit slope quantiser 1-3k

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