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    Hi Mathieu, I agree that this artificial limit is too low. The problem is, there is a lot of unpacking and such going on in memory, so large packages gobble up memory like crazy and cause your process to die an ungraceful death. It's why we put that limit in. Raising it to 4GB in the code might work for you, if you want to compile your own version. But for the time being, we don't have the time to refactor the code to handle large files. (Our previous client was paying us to maintain this library,...

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    Hi Samuel, The QCassandraSession and QCassandraQuery objects give you a truly object-oriented,...

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    We would, of course, accept a patch if you wish to give it a shot. :-)

  • Committed [7ce837]

    SNAP-390: Changed the parameters to the incbuil...

  • Committed [e2917b]

    SNAP-390: Now updates all dependencies correctly.

  • Committed [0fc7e1]

    SNAP-347: Now "mark_process_as_dead()" has even...

  • Committed [f0e0f5]

    Merge ssh://

  • Committed [1555aa]

    Moved some tests into respective tests folders....

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2004-03-21 04:10:22
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