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  • Committed [9ffdc5]

    Added a cmake option that toggles local "catch....

  • Committed [49220c]

    Now builds under Ubuntu 16.04 using g++ 5.4.0

  • Committed [47237f]

    Doug's build server. Changelog only.

  • Committed [4a5ac5]

    Added option to allow you to supress the build....

  • Committed [b29115]

    Build on Doug's server.

  • Committed [0282dd]

    Build on Doug's server.

  • Committed [4e0484]

    SNAP-390: Adding snapserver-core-plugins requir...

  • Committed [0d19f1]

    This is an experiment: removing all nodeps fold...

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2001-03-02 07:45:35


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