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    TRhe spambit cannot be changed by project admins. However a large number of spam-posts are kept out of the forums by the bit which im pretty happy about. The best way to get posts through is to create an account on SF and probably also to refrain from using URL's in the post...

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    Hi, the source code for the new structural model is not yet integrated into the public release. For now we will use this inhouse only, but maybe later integrate parts of it into the public version. The reason is mainly that a great deal of work is needed to integrate it into the GUI and also to make it generally applicable to all types of turbines vis input files and dialoges... Cheers, David

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    Hi, the source code is located in QLLTSimulation.cpp The function OnStartAnalysis() should be agood starting point. Regarding the "attach" and "detach" functions: These are used to connect- and disconnect wake nodes to wake line elements - as one wake node can be connected to up to 4 line elements in the wake mesh. When wake lines are created they are attached to the relevant nodes, when they are removed for any reason they are detached. Wake nodes without any lines attached to them are automatically...

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    Hi, Regarding the QFEM theory have a look at this work: Regarding the stresses - they are only calculated for the blades surface using some simplifications, but this should also be covered in the reference above. Cheers, David

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    Hi, please open up a new thread for your question. Thanks!

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    Its possible if you can somehow generate lift and drag polars that take the icing into account. Please open up a new thread the next time you ask a question. Cheers, David

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    Hi Les, I think which airfoils to use (symmetric, cambered, type, fixed pitch?) really depends on the actual design. Only after the first parameters have been defined (solidity, number of blades, blade shape, struts?) one can start optimizing it through the airfoil selection. And as you said, while doing that there are many things to consider besides aerodynamic efficiency - such as torque ripple, self starting behaviour, self regulation capability, dynamic loads, noise emission and a few more. It...

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