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  • Posted a comment on ticket #1718 on gnuplot

    Hi. Thanks for checking. I just ran a few more experiments and have more information....

  • Created ticket #1718 on gnuplot

    regression: splot with image now throws an error

  • Created ticket #1709 on gnuplot

    autoscale logic is different (and incomplete) on replot

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1701 on gnuplot

    Hi Ethan. I agree that 3.25,5.5,7.75 isn't "nice", but it doesn't mean that the current...

  • Created ticket #1701 on gnuplot

    Default logscale mtics are weird

  • Created ticket #720 on gnuplot

    plotting from an open file descriptor set to 'volatile' is seek() is not available

  • Posted a comment on ticket #191 on gnuplot

    OK. That's a good workaround for this particular case. Are you suggesting this as...

  • Created ticket #191 on gnuplot

    Uneven default extents with image plots

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