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  • Posted a comment on ticket #359 on Perl Data Language

    Sorry for the tardy reply. This bug report was submitted before I reworked the vsearch...

  • Created ticket #368 on Perl Data Language

    PDL::Slatec::polyfit ignores incorrect length of weight piddle; passes garbage to slatec polfit

  • Posted a comment on merge request #7 on Perl Data Language

    I've implemented the top level vsearch wrapper. It's on the vsearch_more branch (same...

  • Committed [d4d5a3]

    add vsearch_insert_leftmost, vsearch_insert_rig...

  • Committed [e4dc45]

    code/doc generation of vsearch_* routines now t...

  • Committed [4fc761]

    don't use experimental lexical $_

  • Committed [eb004e]

    test vsearch api to ensure backwards compatibility

  • Committed [f225f3]

    vsearch() is now a front end to all vsearch_* r...

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