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    Cheers. Sounds good. I'll check it out !

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    Hi, I've been testing various Shadertoy's. I'm getting inverted axis on many of them. Don't know if this is a feature or a bug. For example this one: ... I could just globally change the axis in the code but if it's a bug I'll just have to change them all back later (BTW that Shadertoy needs the imouse part removing but it's very simple to do with this one).

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    Have to reset settings every time to show content in preview and output window

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    I just came back to GLMixer. I used "New source(s) video(s)" from the menu adding ~46 files of total ~700mb, all video's a few megs each and had the same error. Latest Glmixer version. I tried reproducing and it actuall gives a different error "Not all dropped files could be loaded".

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    Multi-selection of ports and better keyboard shortcuts documentation

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