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    Concerning your problem. It is unrelated to pagebreak plugin: the plugin neither evaluates URL parameters nor it is capable of intercepting "invalid" ones nor it submits any "pages" into index - because it only transforms content part of the page being rendered (the rest of the Joomla page is already in the pipe). You should file a request to Joomla developers to extend their URL routing, so content plugins are asked if a incoming request is valid.

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    Please, consider posting in English: be polite to users not speaking your language. Here is Google translation of your post: The long material is broken up into only 3 pages. But if you enter any number of the page in the URL, for example - - this page will open, although with empty content, but it still exists, with the title and metatags. Thus, a lot of duplicates are obtained and they get me into the index. What is negative about google and...

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    Thanks for your interest in my project. Please, either create a bug ticket at Projects Tracker or post a support request in Project Forum, preferrably in English.

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