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  • Committed [cc9f97]

    Adding to CVS.

  • Committed [7ba24a]

    Some minor bug fixes

  • Committed [59cf3b]

    Updated the .au file write process to use a proper length value for the .au file. Previously the .au file header used a maximum set value

  • Committed [2e58b8]

    Updated version stamps of all files as well as a number of new file additions.

  • Committed [2a5eb2]

    Removed some debug lines from SMF. Fixed a multichannel bug in the Audio related files.

  • Committed [5e0097]

    Fixed the first tracks tempo,keysig and timesig problem. Changed the spelling of QUATER to QUARTER in jmc

  • Committed [88ca5c]

    Added jmswing and all initial files on behalf of Adam Kirby.

  • Committed [da023e]

    Adding to CVS.

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