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  • Committed [r3560]

    Fix FindTitleCompleteName call

  • Posted a comment on ticket #14730 on SourceForge Support

    Since this is obviously never going to be fixed, I found I could work around it by doing: git svn fetch -r 0:2286 git svn fetch -r 2293:HEAD Revisions 2287 thru 2292 are all corrupt.

  • Committed [r3559]

    add xcode9

  • Committed [r3558]

    Mac does not understand 'for each'

  • Committed [r3557]

    fix GetCompilerPaths tuple name

  • Committed [r3556]

    Change vc15 to vc141

  • Committed [r3555]

    Allow 0 dogs in a class (change default to -1)

  • Committed [r3554]

    update config rules test for new CKC rules

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