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  • Committed [r381]

    Add test for fast-return + flag preservation. Patch by James Cowgill.

  • Committed [r380]

    Change flag registers for MIPS.

  • Committed [r379]

    Rework win32 stack touch on x86.

  • Committed [r378]

    Add hw division and windows support to ARM-Thumb2.

  • Committed [r377]

    Rework win32 stack touch on ARM-64.

  • Committed [r376]

    Use GCC types on Windows when available. Patch by Martin Storsjo.

  • Committed [r375]

    Use sp directly and rework function entry/exit on ARM-64. Based on patches by Martin Storsjo.

  • Committed [r374]

    Support integer division on Thumb2-windows. Patch by Martin Storsjo.

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