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  • Committed [r1147]

    Fixed concat profiles when empty profiles not p...

  • Committed [r1146]

    Cleaned errors due to N.take and N.average

  • Committed [r1145]

    Fixed nonzero functions from oldnumeric migration

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1 on pyMDMix

    Hi Amr, The scripts I used to generate all these boxes are completely outdated and...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #65 on BisKit

    I adressesed it already. I didn't check the nonzero behaviour so I will take a look...

  • Committed [r1144]

    Replaced oldnumeric with standard numpy calls

  • Created ticket #65 on BisKit

    New versions of numpy got rid of Oldnumeric

  • Committed [092e5a]

    Added function to compute similarity to GridsMa...

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