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  • Posted a comment on ticket #47 on cp2k

    Clearly-named env vars like these would be great, yes. If you do so, can you please keep the 5 macOS arch files homogeneous? (i.e. use libxc/libint in all of them, or none of them) Another question is: do we want to treat FFTW and Scalapack (for mpi builds) in the same way as libxc and libint? It seems to me it's the third "widely used" library that most users probably link with. At least, they're the ones we include in Homebrew.

  • Created ticket #48 on cp2k

    cannot build against libxc

  • Created ticket #47 on cp2k

    macOS arch file hardcodes /opt/local path

  • Created ticket #15886 on SourceForge Support

    Remove project libmolsim

  • Created ticket #5 on yydecode -- decodes yEnc/uuencoded binar

    Cannot build on macOS 10.13

  • Created ticket #17 on dc3dd

    dc3dd fails with illegal instruction on macOS 10.13

  • Created ticket #12 on Snap7

    Change of SHA256 sum for the latest release (1.4.2)

  • Created ticket #2 on mimetic

    Fails to build with recent clang

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