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  • Committed [r1466]

    make sure we do not get a too long horizontal scroll bar

  • Committed [r1465]


  • Posted a comment on discussion Open Discussion on Jamulus - Internet Jam Session Software

    To inform the others reading this thread: Mike helped me to find the cause of the issue. I have now fixed it in the SVN code and the fix will come into the next release of the Jamulus software.

  • Committed [r1464]

    2017 -> 2018

  • Committed [r1463]

    Windows installer version is now 64 bit

  • Committed [r1462]

    possible fix for a crash on MacOS High Sierra (reported in the Jamulus forum)

  • Committed [r1461]

    Qt only has 64 bit support for Visual Studio 2017

  • Committed [r1459]

    fix compiplation error on MacOS

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