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  • Committed [r16]

    Modernize to C++11 code

  • Committed [r217]

    Fix MYSQL enum class use

  • Committed [r216]

    More C++11 features used

  • Committed [r215]

    C++11 or above is now required

  • Committed [r197]

    C++11 is required for Rational wrapper

  • Committed [r196]

    Better use of stdint.h

  • Committed [r195]

    C++11 is required for wrapper

  • Committed [r194]

    Use -Wsuggest-override when available with g++ compiler.

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2005-04-26 06:02:03


  • EmACT EmACT is an emacs clone for Windows and unix Last Updated:
  • Flow++ Implement different data flow alorithms in C++ Last Updated:
  • ISLISP lib   Last Updated:
  • Portable aeabi C portable ARM aeabi Last Updated:
  • TennisScore Java classes to count tennis scores Last Updated:


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