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    Hi, I can't give you a straight answer, as the question is not specific enough. I guess it depends on how you want to use MP3 Diags, but basically I don't expect major issues. Having such a file to look at might give me more insight, though. The thing is, if you really want to use ID3V2.4, then you shouldn't use the tag editor in MP3 Diags or any transformation that alters tags. MP3 Diags is usually capable of reading ID3V2.4 but only writes as ID3V2.3. If you're wondering why not use the newer ID3V2.4,...

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    It is possible: See about going to the settings for "Visible transformations", where you should see "Remove all LAME streams" and "Remove all Xing streams". Select them, click on the arrow to make them visible, and then you can use them. However, doing this is usually a bad idea, especially if you have VBR files, as some players won't be able to tell the duration of a song. Anyway, in your particular case it might not matter. If you're...

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    OK, see attached. It doesn't work that great for me, as it more often than not tells me that the server is too busy, but once in a while it works. You should extract the file, change its extension to .exe and put it in the same folder as the regular version, so it can find its DLLs. Based on how it works for you I'll think of what to do next

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    Hi, I think I'd rather go with a different option: Since the difference between V1 and V2 is not just the URL but also the structure of the results, and since I never have enough time, I'd rather make V1 work. Looks like setting the user agent would be enough for this, at least it seems to work for me. Before I release a new version I'd like to have somebody else test the change as well, so can you do this? If so, how should I send the change? Source code or compiled program? If program, for what...

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    Hi, Thanks for researching this. I get different results but at least I got something to play with. For one thing, I cannot use version 2 directly. Apprently my IP is banned, although I don't think I can be accused of misusing their service. Well, a VPN takes care of this. OTOH version 1 works from the browser for me, while it doesn't for you, but indeed it also no longer works from MP3 Diags.

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    Yeah, I tried to suggest to use MP3 Diags only to solve real problems and ignore whatever it's reporting unless something doesn't play right, as the same error/warning it reports can result in an audible issue in a situation and none in another.

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