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  • Committed [r11620]

    - fixed crash on Thermo Fusion Lumos supplemental activation data

  • Committed [r11614]

    * fixed compile errors

  • Committed [r11613]

    - fixed Linux stubs for new Waters function prototypes

  • Committed [r11612]

    * fixed compile errors

  • Committed [r11611]

    - updated Waters MassLynx SDK to 4.4: at long last, Waters has native centroiding!

  • Committed [r11597]

    Update MassLynx DLLs (unofficial version)

  • Committed [r11579]

    * fixed include to point at hpp instead of cpp (I can't believe so many tests passed without catching that error!)

  • Committed [r11578]

    - updated FASTA index scheme to keep track of the indexed file's original size and hash, and verify that files the index is later used with match that metadata; old .fasta.index files should be recreated transparently

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