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  • Committed [r3]

    renaming completed for packages

  • Committed [r2]

    First cut at separating mjc from JML

  • Committed [r7]

    Make system now working for build, rebuild-all, clean, pristine, distclean, clean-classes, runtests, and javadocs targets

  • Committed [r4]

    Added a useful script for renaming packages.

  • Committed [r6]

    updated prj.el (JDE for Emacs config file) to be MultiJava specific

  • Committed [r8]

    Tweaked build system to support extensible checks of environment variables

  • Committed [r5]

    Added script to compare the bytecode produced by javac with that produced by mjc.

  • Committed [r32]

    Changed cygwin script to use cygpath to convert to Windows style path name. This is more robust, and I think easier to read, than using sed

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