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  • Modified ticket #2803 on net-snmp

    use-after-free in _sess_open() cause a crash on OpenBSD 6.1-CURRENT

  • Posted a comment on ticket #2803 on net-snmp

    It seems like that patch has been generated against an old version of Net-SNMP? Anyway, a somewhat modified version of this patch has been applied on the v5.7 and master branches. See also

  • Committed [d68724]

    CHANGES: BUG: 2803: Fix a use-after-free in _sess_open()

  • Committed [6187cf]

    Merge branch 'V5-7-patches'

  • Committed [r7255]

    scripts/specialize-patch: Fix #elif handling

  • Committed [r7254]

    qla2x00t: Fix scst_debug.h include path for the in-tree build

  • Committed [r7250]

    scst/include/backport.h: Follow-up for r7248

  • Committed [r7249]

    scst: Fix SCSI pass-through for kernel version v4.11 and later

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