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  • Posted a comment on ticket #100 on stm32flash

    Still checking AN2606. For the STM32F103VCT6 the only UARTs that can be used are: a) UART1 on pins PA9 and PA10 b) UART2 on pins PD5 and PD6 You are using the case a). What is connected to the other two pins, and mainly, what is connected to PD6 (UART2 RX) ? If there is a signal on PD6 that is "detected" by the bootloader as a UART byte 0x7f, the bootloader will wait for commands on UART2 and ignore whatever we send on UART1. Another test. Try this to see if there is a timing problem with the GPIO:...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #100 on stm32flash

    if you echo in sysfs to reset the STM32, then please "remove" "-i x,y,z:a,b,c" from command ine of stm32flash. Otherwise you are asking stm32flash to re-reset the STM32, loosing what you have done manually. Other point: you mention it is a stm32f103vct6. Accordingly to the datasheet, this device has not only BOOT0, but also BOOT1 on pin PB2 (should be pin 37 on your package). Accordingly to another document of ST, AN2606, ... well, here it is a little mess! There are two chapter in the index with...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #37 on stm32flash

    The functionality is already in stm32flash. Please check the manpage in the description for command-line flag "-i" and in chapter "BOOTLOADER GPIO SEQUENCE". The special "gpio" values "rts" and "cts" are used for this case.

  • Created merge request #8 on stm32flash

    New devices, Android build fix, reboot issue on STM32L452, mingw32 fix

  • Committed [12f06e]

    Fix warning for unused parameters with mingw-gcc

  • Committed [d302ab]

    Add comment on switch fall-through

  • Committed [74bfe1]

    serial_w32: remove always false if-then

  • Committed [ee5b00]

    Fix comparison between signed and unsigned integer

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