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  • Committed [r984]

    Change: account for version options when launching game (and add needed support routines); change: use faster search for filling data when changing IWADs in main form.

  • Committed [r983]

    Refactor: rename bitmasks.pas methods to more meaningful names. Add: collection of default unique bitmasks. Add: more methods for bitmask manipulation.

  • Committed [r982]

    Change: remove unused variable.

  • Committed [r981]

    Fix: don't crash if first run or empty WAD list. Fix: don't force restart if first run.

  • Committed [r980]

    Add: make sure program is restarted after .zde.cfg conversion.

  • Committed [r978]

    Change: don't store game name in .zde.cfg as it is redundant.

  • Committed [r979]

    Refactor: rename some variables and fields to better reflect their data type.

  • Committed [r977]

    Change: remove unused item.

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2008-03-22 01:35:28
D.F / Mexico / CDT


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  • Lazarus
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