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  • Committed [r14045]

    Add a depends on passwd, since it uses user/group games.

  • Committed [r14059]

    Move the passwd field to the build depends, because technically, that's all that's required, and it will make the binary packages the same (again).

  • Committed [r14095]

    Remove hardcoded powerpc references. Add %m expansion for the machine architecture string.

  • Committed [r14097]

    Update the ChangeLog to reflect the changes in my last commit.

  • Committed [r14111]

    Document the %m option.

  • Committed [r14140]

    Fix apparent type-o in the source line.

  • Committed [r14141]

    Fix an apparent typeo in the Source line.

  • Committed [r14142]

    When doing fetch-* --dry-run, and the Source line doesn't have a url,

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