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  • Committed [r4657]

    CSL: further work towards a conservative collector - specifically fleshing out

  • Committed [r4656]

    Further correction to mess-up in previous checkin.

  • Committed [r4655]

    Fix some glitches left by the previous commit.

  • Committed [r4654]

    CSL: I have cleaned up some of the autoconf etc stuff so that reautoconf

  • Committed [r17]

    Small improvement in table size, Small improvements in the code.

  • Committed [r4650]

    CSL: A week or so back I checked in asome changes that were intended to

  • Committed [r4649]

    CSL: In recent times a build of CSL on Windows has REQUIRED that a 32-bit

  • Committed [r4647]

    CSL: Put back some code to try to make the C++ threads terminate at end

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2007-09-27 20:45:33
Britain (UK) / BST


  • 64-bit prime test Test 64-bit integers for pribality. Miller-Rabin, Lucas. BPSW Last Updated:
  • Project Logo REDUCE A Portable General-Purpose Computer Algebra System Last Updated:
  • cslplus C++ development branch of CSL Lisp system from reduce-algebra Last Updated:


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