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User Activity

  • Committed [1a67f7]

    Adding a very simple function that processes (i.e. prints) each line separately

  • Committed [e9204c]

    Adding line counter

  • Committed [4f1b56]

    First edit of nmea tool's code

  • Committed [cf1160]

    Initial commit

  • Committed [2e7cbe]

    Removing debian from distribution tarball. It will still be present in repository.

  • Committed [f9e9cd]

    debian directory will no longer be part of distribution package. It is kept in the repository, though.

  • Committed [a0f0e3]

    Integrating changed to debian files, as found in most recent Debian package (3.5.1). Thanks to Colin Tuckley for notifying me about differences in the files.

  • Committed [3c3a02]

    Fixing library's version (thanks to Colin Tuckley for pointing this problem out)

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2005-09-22 20:29:45


  • SRTM import Blender import plugin for SRTM data tiles Last Updated:
  • cdw   Last Updated:
  • cwdaemon morse daemon for the serial or parallel port Last Updated:
  • m372tools Tool set for m372 project Last Updated:
  • unixcw Morse code library and applications for GNU/Linux Last Updated:


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