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zziplib13 2018-02-05
libgz 2010-03-29
zziplib10 2003-07-30 2018-03-19 591 Bytes
libgz-0.1.1.tar.bz2 2010-03-29 259.6 kB
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Newest releases are found on Github, above are older releases

The zziplib13 area is the main branch of releases as it is a library being intregrated in a number of products around the world. The zziplib is commonly distributed in the core series of the major Linux distributions in the 2010ies.

The libgz area is a side project showing how to use the zlib library to compress data files. This is a core routine that is also used within zziplib for zipped files.

The OldFiles and zziplib10 are here for historic purposes.

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