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YAHBEE - Yet another hacky, bad emulator.

Created by CatnCream [Catso] - contact: catsocatsocatso@gmail.com

Built as a tinker toy to while away evenings putting something together & to have fun with JS.


Basic Commands Explained:

    prompt -    This word will active the command eg. echo [these cannot contain spaces] [required]
    response -  This is what the system will return as a result [optional, can be left blank] [ can call a function ]
    ST -        This is whether the text trail should be displayed after the response. eg. You head south /to the town/ <--the trailing text of response [required]
    Comment -   Free text, explains what the command does, this is used by help. [optional, can be left blank]


  prompt: "go north",               -- can be typed with trailing words after it, doesn't have to be exact match.
  response: "You head North ",  -- the html response which is given upon return, can be a function call.
  ST: true,                     -- whether or not to include any trailing words from the original command line. If user said "go north to the town".. true responds -> "you head North to the town" .. false responds -> "you head North"
  comment: " ~ Your guess"      -- a definition of the command, this appears in help & is good practice to keep.
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