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____ ___ .____ \ \/ /______ ____ _____ | | \ /\_ __ \_/ __ \\__ \ | | / \ | | \/\ ___/ / __ \| |___ /___/\ \|__| \___ >____ /_______ \ \_/ \/ \/ \/ _________________________________________ ET-XreaL Readme - Thank you for downloading ET-XreaL. _______________________________________ CONTENTS _______________________________ This file contains the following sections: 1) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 2) LICENSE 3) INSTALLATION 4) GETTING THE SOURCE CODE AND MEDIA 5) COMPILING ON WIN32 WITH VISUAL C++ 2010 EXPRESS EDITION 6) COMPILING ON GNU/LINUX 7) CHANGES 8) FEATURES 9) CONSOLE VARIABLES 10) KNOWN ISSUES 11) BUG REPORTS 12) FUTURE PLAN 13) CONTRIBUTIONS 14) DONATIONS ___________________________________ 1) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS __________________________ Minimum system requirements: CPU: 2 GHz Intel compatible System Memory: 512MB Graphics card: Any graphics card that supports Direct3D 10 and OpenGL >= 3.2 Recommended system requirements: CPU: 3 GHz + Intel compatible System Memory: 1024MB+ Graphics card: Geforce 8800 GT, ATI HD 4850 or higher. _______________________________ 2) LICENSE ______________________ See COPYING.txt for all the legal stuff. _______________________________ 3) INSTALLATION ______________________ This release does not contain Enemy Territory's game data, the game data is still covered by the original EULA and must be obeyed as usual. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free release, and can be downloaded from Install the latest version of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for your platform to get the game data. Now copy pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3 and pak2.pk3 from your Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory/etmain to ETXreaL/etmain. You can find binaries to start ETXreaL in ETXreaL/bin/. NOTE: You don't need to copy the binaries to anywhere just start them. ____________________________________________ 4) GETTING THE SOURCE CODE AND NEW MEDIA ___________________________________ This project's Git repository can be checked out through Git with the following instruction set: > git clone --recursive git:// ___________________________________________________________________ 5) COMPILING ON WIN32 WITH VISUAL C++ 2010 EXPRESS EDITION __________________________________________________________ 1. Download and install the Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition. 2. Generate the VC10 projects using Premake: > premake4.exe vs2010 3. Use the VC10 solution to compile what you need: ET-XreaL/ETXreaL.sln 4. OPTIONAL BUILD ETXRadiant (might be difficult) You need additional Win32 dependencies to build the ETXRadiant. Copy them from the DarkRadiant Subversion repository: > svn export -r5702 ET-XreaL/src/tools/etxradiant/w32deps Compile with ET-XreaL/src/tools/etxradiant/tools/vcprojects/ETXRadiant.sln __________________________________ 6) COMPILING ON GNU/LINUX _________________________ 1. You need the following dependencies in order to compile XreaL with all features: On Debian or Ubuntu: > apt-get install libboost-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libsdl1.2-dev libxxf86dga-dev libxxf86vm-dev libglu1-mesa-dev On Fedora > yum install boost-devel SDL-devel libXxf86dga-devel libXxf86vm-devel mesa-libGLU-devel 2. Download and extract Premake 4.x to the ET-XreaL/ root directory or install it using your Linux distribution's package system. 3. Generate the Makefiles using Premake: > ./premake4 gmake 4. Compile ETXreaL targets with > make If you want to build for x86_64 then type: > make config=release64 Type "./premake4 --help" or "make help" for more compile options. ___________________________________________________ 7) CHANGES __________________________________________ See CHANGELOG.txt for full list of all changes. ___________________________________________________ 8) General ET:XreaL id Tech 3 Features __________________________________________ ETXreaL * Modern OpenGL 3.2 renderer with all deprecated OpenGL calls removed * Clever usage of vertex buffer objects (VBO) to speed up rendering of everything * Avoids geometry processing each frame using the CPU (worst bottleneck with the Q3A engine) * Renders up to 500 000 - 1 000 000 polygons at 80 - 200 fps on current hardware (DX10 generation) * Optional GPU occlusion culling (improved Coherent Hierarchy Culling) useful for rendering large city scenes * Doom 3 .MD5mesh/.MD5anim skeletal model and animation support * Unreal Actor X .PSK/.PSA skeletal model and animation support * True 64 bit HDR lighting with adaptive tone mapping * Advanced projective and omni-directional soft shadow mapping methods like EVSM * Real-time sun lights with parallel-split shadow maps * Optional deferred shading * Relief mapping that can be enabled by materials * Optional uniform lighting and shadowing model like in Doom 3 including globe mapping * Supports almost all Quake 3, Enemy Territory and Doom 3 material shader keywords * TGA, PNG, JPG and DDS format support for textures * Usage of frame buffer objects (FBO) to perform offscreen rendering effects * Improved TrueType font support that does not require external tools * Linux 64-bit support * Linux sound backend using SDL * .avi recorder from ioquake3 including sound support * Optimized collision detection routines * Support for Omni-bot * GUID system to generate internal etkeys which are sent as cl_guid ETXMap * Based on q3map2 by Randy 'ydnar' Reddig including additional fixes by the NetRadiant edition * Supports Doom 3 and Quake 4 .map formats * Built-in mini BSP viewer using -draw ___________________________________________________ 9) CONSOLE VARIABLES __________________________________________ r_mode Sets the window or fullscreen resolution. ET:XreaL has more entries than the original engine. 0 = 320x240 1 = 400x300 2 = 512x384 3 = 640x480 4 = 800x600 5 = 960x720 6 = 1024x768 7 = 1152x864 8 = 1280x720 (16:9) 9 = 1280x768 (16:10) 10 = 1280x800 (16:10) 11 = 1280x1024 12 = 1360x768 (16:9) 13 = 1440x900 (16:10) 14 = 1680x1050 (16:10) 15 = 1600x1200 16 = 1920x1080 (16:9) 17 = 1920x1200 (16:10) 18 = 2048x1536 19 = 2560x1600 (16:10) cg_shadows Sets the shadows quality (higher value -> more expensive and better quality) 0 = Off 1 = Blob shadow 2 = Exponential Shadow Mapping (16-bit quality) 3 = Exponential Shadow Mapping (32-bit quality) 4 = Variance Shadow Mapping (16-bit quality) 5 = Variance Shadow Mapping (32-bit quality) 6 = Exponential Variance Shadow Mapping (32-bit quality) r_dynamicLight Enable dynamic lights r_dynamicLightShadows Enable dynamic lights to cast shadows with all interacting surfaces (expensive) r_vboVertexSkinning Enables skeletal animation rendering on the GPU Pros: - Can be much faster with Nvidia cards Cons: - Can be slower than the CPU path on ATI cards r_normalMapping Enables bump mapping 0 = Disables it and allows faster ET style render mode 1 = Enables it with simple Blinn-Phong specular lighting r_parallaxMapping Enables Relief Mapping if materials support it r_cameraPostFX Enable camera postprocessing effects like filmgrain r_cameraFilmGrain Enable camera film grain simulation r_cameraFilmGrainScale Set the grain scale r_cameraVignette Enable vignetting postprocessing effect r_bloom Enable bloom postprocessing effect r_bloomPasses Number of times the blur filter is applied r_bloomBlur Amount to scale the X anx Y axis sample offsets r_hdrRendering Enable High Dynamic Range lighting (experimental) // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- HDR variables that are cheat protected but might be interesting for some people r_hdrKey Middle gray value used in HDR tone mapping 0 computes it dynamically 0.27 default r_hdrMinLuminance Minimum luminance value threshold r_hdrMaxLuminance Maximum luminance value threshold r_hdrDebug Shows min, max and average luminance detected by the scene input // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- r_deferredShading (experimental, only allowed for development mode using devmap) 0 = Renders dynamic lights using Forward Shading like in Doom 3 (default) 1 = Renders dynamic lights using Deferred Shading like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Pros: - It can render hundreds of dynamic lights that don't cast shadows really fast - It stabilizes the fps with heavy weapon fire Cons: - It lowers the fps if there are no lights because the first depth pass is more expensive - It's not compatible with all default ET shader files yet // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Variables interesting for developers and mappers r_showTris Shows all fast GPU path triangles blue and slow CPU path triangles red Blue triangles indicate that those batches don't have to be moved through the PCIe bridge. All required geometry and shaders are already available in the GPU memory. Red triangles indicate that some geometry has to be processed by the CPU before it can be rendered. This usually happens with deformVertexes shader commands. r_showBatches Draws all batches (geometry, material and lightmap combination) as individual colors. General rule: more batches -> less performance Avoid many many tiny lightmaps like in the TCE mod and rather use lightmaps with 2048^2 for better batching. r_showLightMaps Draw all lightmaps (requires glsl_restart) r_showDeluxeMaps Draw all directional lightmaps (requires glsl_restart) r_showLightGrid Draws all lightgrid points with color and direction. // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___________________________________________________ 10) KNOWN ISSUES __________________________________________ * Omni-bot does not compile for 64 bit targets because the GameMonkey scripting engine does not support it * Broken map loading screen * A few skys are broken (r_fastsky 1 can help with this) * Light bleeding problems with cg_shadows 4 - 5 which are typical for variance shadow mapping ___________________________________________________ 11) BUG REPORTS __________________________________________ ET-XreaL is not perfect, it is not bug free as every other software. For fixing as much problems as possible we need as much bug reports as possible. We cannot fix anything if we do not know about the problems. The best way for telling us about a bug is by submitting a bug report at our SourceForge bug tracker page: The most important fact about this tracker is that we cannot simply forget to fix the bugs which are posted there. It is also a great way to keep track of fixed stuff. If you want to report an issue with the game, you should make sure that your report includes all information useful to characterize and reproduce the bug. * Search on Google * Include the computer's hardware and software description ( CPU, RAM, 3D Card, distribution, kernel etc. ) * If appropriate, send a console log, a screenshot, an strace .. * If you are sending a console log, make sure to enable developer output: ETXreaL.exe +set developer 1 +set logfile 2 NOTE: We cannot help you with OS-specific issues like configuring OpenGL correctly, configuring ALSA or configuring the network. ___________________________________________________ 12) FUTURE PLAN __________________________________________ * Add a Creative Commons BY-SA high resolution texture replacement pack including new material definitions to support diffuse, normal and specular textures * Create improved versions of existing maps with an etx_ prefix like: etx_beach etx_battery etx_fueldump ... * Add fake per pixel lighting to allow bump mapping if ETXreaL runs a map that has no deluxemaps * Improve ETXMap ET .map -> Doom 3 .map format conversion routine to handle spawnflags -> boolean type conversions * Improve ETXMap compiler for better support of extracting models from .bsp files for Blender and further editing * Finish Doom 3 style DarkRadiant entity definitions file etmain/def/entities.def to have full support for all ET entity types * Add Blender tools to make it easier to replace the existing models * Optimize ET decal system with VBOs * Add Bullet physics engine (maybe) ___________________________________________________ 13) CONTRIBUTIONS __________________________________________ If you want to contribute media assets like textures, models or sounds to the project then: 1) Don't derivate them from the original Enemy Territory assets. If you want to add textures or models then you have to create them from scratch. 2) Release your assets under the "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported" license. See for more details. ___________________________________________________ 14) DONATIONS __________________________________________ If you think that this project is cool and helps you with your projects or you just have fun then make a small donation, please. Click on one of the PayPal buttons to donate money to XreaL:
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