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a package with useful scripts for X-ray diffraction

Copyright (C) 2009-2017 Dominik Kriegner <>

Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Eugen Wintersberger <>

Obtaining the source code

The sources are hosted on in are made available as tarballs from time to time on github and

Download the latest tarball or use:

git clone

to clone the git repository. If you would like to have commit rights contact one of the administrators.


Installing xrayutilities is a two step process. A few notes on how to install on the various can be found in the README shipped with the package's sources.

  1. installing required third party software requirements are:

    • C-compiler
    • h5py (for HDF5 file access)
    • scipy
    • numpy
    • matplotlib (optionally)

    refer to your operating system documentation to find out how to install those packages. On Windows we suggest to use Python(x,y)

  2. install xrayutilities using distutils by executing

    python install

For details of how to setup your Python installation to find xrayutilities after the installation please refer to the documention.

Source: README_sf.rst, updated 2017-11-04