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  • Xplanner-plus is the best! Thanks.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • excellent application.

  • Help, anyone? I figure this is probably staring me right in the face but I don't see it. Where is the '' file after downloading to Windows? Got the zip from sourceforge but I'm stuck on the deploy to tomcat. Other instructions I got to just copy /xplanner to tomcat/webapps just gives me a 404 error. when I try to run. Never mind -- it was sourceforge -- downloaded xplanner using my Linux machine which sent me the .war file, copied it to the Windows machine I'm doing the install on, logged into Tomcat, deployed the .war file, and ticketyboo I'm up and running just like that! :-)

  • Can anyone tell me how can we backup the data in xplanner plus?

  • Using it in an Agile Project and Demo, works well, even Eclipse Mylyn connector still shows tasks.

  • We're using XPlanner-plus on our Agile projects right now. Thanks for dusting it off and updating it!

  • This project has been a huge help to our little team. Thanks folks!!!

  • This is suppose to help collaboration. but no admin guides. install for mySQl hidden or missing.

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  • Very happy XPlanner is resurrected. We were just about to give up on 0.7b7 after 2 years service when we saw this. Good job all!

  • Still needs a little love before it's as stable as we want it to be, but it's already usable and it really seems to be getting the developer time it needs. Much appreciated.

  • How wonderful this has been revived. XPlanner has been one of my favorite tools over the years. Many thanks to those giving up their time for this endeavour.

  • Delighted that XPlanner lives again :)

  • I am so glad to see some development on XPlanner! I have recently begun using teh 7b7 version and am looking forward to using this one soon!

  • This project (xplanner) must be alive

  • Glad to see someone picked up where they left off, I loved xplanner it was too bad the project died.

  • more stable in Beta than xplanner ever was and much more beautiful Does the job perfectly!

  • cool designed xplanner +