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README.txt for xCellerator ========================== Which package should I download? - xCellerator (same thing as xlr8r) - for deterministic simulations in Mathematica. Converts reactions expressed as Cellerator Arrows into Differential equations, then solves the ODES. xlr8r is the successor to the earlier Cellerator program. Requires a minimal installation of MathSBML which is also included in the zip file. - SSA - for stochastic simulations based on Cellerator arrows. The latest version is called xSSAlite and incorporates all Cellerator Mass-Action arrows - Cellzilla - for simulations on fixed-two-dimensional templates. The Latest version is called Cellzilla2D. The simulations may be either deterministic (in which xlr8r is also required) or stochastic (in which case xSSAlite is also required). - CelleratorML - a form of XML used to save Cellerator models. - xlr8r2SBML and SBML2xlr8r - convert between Cellerator models and SBML. Requires xlr8r and MathSBML. - mQhull and mPower - Voronoi/Delaunay/Power Diagram libray interface for Mathematica. These are no longer used by any of the other programs here, but you may find them useful for other work. - MathSBML - basic libraries for SBML and simulation that are used by xlr8r. A basic installation is provided here; for a full installation including all plugins go to
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