This is a lightweight image viewer with basic image processing.

A thumbnail bar is shown at the bottom of the window with all the images in the folder. The name of the current image and the toolbar are shown at the top of the window. Use the toolbar to access basic commands like: image slideshow, adjust zoom, rotate, delete, crop or resize the image, sort the list or access the program settings. Move the mouse near the left or right side of the window to show the arrows and select the next or previous image. Move the mouse over the buttons to see a short description or over the thumbnails to see more information.

By default, the viewer starts in full screen mode but it can be switched to windowed mode by pressing F11. Also, you can press Enter to hide or show the toolbars, Space to start the slideshow or Escape to exit the program. To use this program as the default viewer for any image file, right click on the file and use the "Open with" option in the context menu.

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User Reviews

  • Fast and portable, everything I wanted from an image preview and more! If you are viewing a still-developing directory, it can jump around unexpectedly - perhaps viewer is +1'd on file order instead of name? Regardless, fantastic job on this very handy viewer.

  • Nice little viewer, which I can recommend to try. One issue for me: enabling Snap viewer in Viewer options blocks the dragging of program's window between two monitors.

  • One of the best advanced image viewer ever. Only feature missing is to set current image as Desktop Background. But since this app is still in Beta, I believe developers will add this feature very soon. Thank you for the great work.

  • Hello, this is very useful application. 5 stars for me. Furthermore, recently I used KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro so I strongly recommend it for Windows 10 as it has great features. Thanks.

  • What a great and lightweight image viewer! But still it can be improved. Please consider the following bugs and suggestions: 1. In Window mode docked settings panel hides(cuts) buttons "OK", "Cancel", "Apply" on the bottom and Title of selected tab above settings buttons. 2. When mouse wheel is set to "Next or previous image", sometimes wheel scrolls 2-3 images at a time. 3. After selecting a folder in "Show folders (F6)" menu, have to click on image first to start scrolling through images. Better support mouse wheel, when it is over an image (without clicking). 4. After using CTRL+mouse wheel to zoom in/out the same zoom factor applies to the next/previous image, but it's better to use 100% for another image. 5. "Edit image" button should support user customizable editors (maybe a dropdown list of them), not only predefined Paint. 6. Would be great to add option "zoom of selected area", when clicking inside a selected area enlarges it to the fullscreen/full window.

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Additional Project Details

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows), Windows Aero

Programming Language

Visual Basic