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xAffect - Middleware for Physiological Sensors and Affective Signal Processing. Read the ./doc/readme.txt for information about installation and usage. CHANGELOG ========= Version 1.01 - Fixed Bug where xAffectDesktop's classloader would not work properly when spaces were included in install-directory. - Modified DataDescription to now contain the field 'identifier', giving the developer the possibility to differentiate data further than just by their content-classes. - Made xAffect downgradable to jdk 1.6 to be able to port the library to Android. Version 1.0 - Split xAffect into two separate releases 1. xAffect: library-version of xAffect, that contains - the xAffect-core - 5 different SystemComponents SourceEcgGenerator SourceStatusListener ProcessorSlidingMean SinkUnisensLogger SinkUnisensStreamer - 2 different Controls (XAffectLibraryControl, XAffectNetworkControl) - required libraries (Unisens) 2. xAffectDesktop: desktop-version of xAffect depending on the library, containing -the xAffect-classloader -1 additional SystemCOmponent (SinkDataViewer) -1 additional Control (XAffectWindowControl) -required libraries (SWT for Windows x86) - Renamed SystemManager to LifeCycleManager - Removed all singleton-mechanisms -SystemComponent requires LifeCycleManager and configuration-HashMap - Removed SystemComponent.init() - Modified the mechanism that SystemComponents register for training-time - Refactored all components to meet the new architecture - The classloader supports nested .JARs by unzipping them Version 0.3 - Added DataDescription access in init phase. - Added "Next Subject" button in GUI control. - Improved classloader performance. - Improved log window. - Fixed issues concerning network control. - Fixed issues concerning timestampStart. - Fixed various other issues. Version 0.2 - Added tray icon with access to license file, general information, logging window and website. - Added xAffect logging window. - Added splash screen. - Added progress bar in GUI control during component initialization. - Improved automatic class loader. - Established wildcards for dispatching. - Improved java doc. - Improved readme and comments in example classes for easier understanding. - Fixed various other issues. Version 0.1 - Established xAffect as an open source software.
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