A simple, easy to extend, parameter driven and customisable Java application that displays JPEG images. An advanced end-user is required to install and amend parameters and create the file that contains the list of folders that contain the images.

The application is started through a command window executing the Java run-time environment. Key "Esc" ends the application. Key "h" displays options.

The application was developed to help people with memory loss as past images can provide talking points for family, friends and carers. Organising images can help family members feel more involved especially if memory loss is advanced.


  • Allows images to be stored on image directories on different storage media.
  • Allows image directories to be joined as if they were one directory.
  • Allows the time period to be changed when images are automatically displayed.
  • Displays images in full screen resized if necessary.
  • Runs automatically through all images and then starts again.
  • Simple single key stroke changes function e.g. key "h" for help.
  • Runs on "old" computers that would otherwise be scrapped.
  • Runs on stand alone computers. No web or network required.
  • Image directories are listed in simple text files.
  • Application defaults can be set in a simple text file.
  • Comprehensive user manual and documentation.

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