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December 22, 2015 WP 34S Version 3.3 ================== This is firmware for the WP 34S calculator. This is for HP's 20b and 30b hardware. The present version is the first we believe is mostly bug free. We provide ROM files for use on the real hardware and emulation software running on the PC (see below). Programs can be written on the PC and translated to binary form with the tools contained in the tools directory. A separate manual is provided. Software and data can be transfered to the device with the same cable that is used to update the firmware. Highlights of this release -------------------------- * [3.3] Dot matrix shows Y register if enanbled by YDON. Some more UI enhancements. * Dynamic allocation of memory to registers, program and subroutine levels, * Local registers and flags, * Much improved handling of libraries in flash memory, * Matrices with up to 100 elements, * Separate statistical accumulators some of which stored in higher precision for greater accuracy, * Increased accuracy for some mathematical functions, * Double precision mode, allows user programs to implement fully accurate functions, * Printing to an HP 82240A/B IR printer, * Even more functions. You will need a special programming cable and the MySamba software to reflash an HP 20b or 30b. See the folder FlashTool on our SourceForge pages where you found this file. For the time being, access to a PC running Windows is required for flashing. Some issues ----------- The classic emulator needs at least Windows(r) XP. Its PC keyboard to calculator keyboard mapping isn't entirely obvious. The newer Qt based emulators work on various platforms, including W2K. They will eventually replace the one contained in the emulator directory in the distribution archive. They also have a revised keyboard mapping. The displayed revision numbers in the VERS screen may differ between the manual, the flash image and the emulator(s). Contacting the team members --------------------------- Before asking questions or posting bug reports, please read the included manual. Not all of the many features of this powerful device are entirely obvious but they are documented and they are intended to be internally consistent. Bug reports, suggestions and problems should be reported to: Walter Bonin <walter.bonin@web.de>, Paul Dale <ppzgs1@gmail.com>, (hence the name 'WP') Marcus von Cube <marcus@mvcsys.de> The Qt based multi platform emulators are maintained by: Pascal Meheut <pascal.meheut@density-tech.com> The programming tools are provided by: Neil Hamilton <nfhwp34s.tbw9z@ncf.ca> The programming cable is available for the costs of shipping from Gene Wright <genewright143@hotmail.com> Keyboard overlays in professional quality are provided by Eric Rechlin <eric@hpcalc.org> An introductory WiKi can be found on http://www.wiki4hp.com/doku.php?id=34s:start Vivid discussions can be found on the Museum of HP Calculators: http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/forum-8.html
Source: README.TXT, updated 2015-12-22