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  • Useless on Win 10 :(

  • Great little tool. I always wanted this since Quake 1.

  • Very good, I would have swirled with github console.

  • Unfortunately, not useable: - Console shows something like "Not enough memory" after opening it the first time - Annoying flickering every 250 ms - Cannot set F12 as key (says "invalid"), the pre-assigned Win+~ doesn't work at all. - Change of font results in huge spaces between characters (used "Consolas" from Windows)

  • awesome!

  • Superb tool, simple and easy to install. Thanks a lot!

  • Awesome piece of software! Greatly recommend!

  • Nice tool

  • Amazing, thanks for share this software! It's a little uncomfortable the method to close the console, but in general is very usefull.

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  • Useful tool, thanks!

  • Works almost flawlessly, the configuration feels a bit clumsy though, I'd prefer a tabbed interface.

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  • Rubbish. My antivirus caught some activity from it as soon as it was installed, and then the process just sat there - no UI means no way to modify the keys that activate it. Not sure it actually does anything. Seems to be malware - check your PC if you install this.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • I loove you!! Been looking for this for ages! Mostly using KDE. Yaquake is the first thing I install to any linux box. So when sometimes I have to work on windows, I really miss this type of terminal! Will try to compile with 64bit compiler, I hope it's possible without too muck work.

  • Great job, thanks for your time for posting

  • I have been looking for a project like this for some time now. I use Guake religiously in Linux on my home system, but unfortunately have not talked my office into making the switch to Linux on the desktop yet, and as such am stuck in XP for now at work, and the defult windows console just plain sucks.... as does windows... but this makes it a little more bearable. Awesome project. two thumbs up from this guy!!!!