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Win Lock PRO V.11 is a screen Lock and computer login program created by the Contier Corporation. The project was inspired by the Windows 8 Login and screen lock system. We aimed to bring the windows 8 experience onto windows 7 VISIT WWW.WINLOCKPRO.ORG **Enjoy and leave your Review** What's new in v11 __________________ *New metro interface throughout *Fixed-recovery form loophole *Fixed-crash on settings form *Fixed-Widget crashing *Fixed-Key jamming error *Fixed-Updates not taking place *You can now enable or disable automatic updates *You can now enable or disable the Key Jammer *FIXED TONS OF BUGS AND ERRORS *Optimizations *Speed improvements *Code clean-up *Tested and verified! *VISIT WWW.WINLOCKPRO.ORG FOR MORE DETAILS
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