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======================================== WinDoxygen ======================================== Copyright JoStudio,2011 WinDoxygen is a wizard for Doxygen. Doxygen is a JavaDoc like documentation system for C++, C, Java. You may make document for or analysis the source code of C,C++,Java source files. Doxygen is a command line tool which depends on a config file to run. By using WinDoxygen, you'll forget the config file and all things is done automatically. Doxygen needs the source code to be written in certain style. But sometime the source code is not written in that style, WinDoxygen can change the code style to meet the requirement of Doxygen. Distributioin include Microsoft Html Help compiler. note: Doxygen is provided by Html Help compiler is provided by Microsoft. Enjoy it. Introduction to Wizard Page1: Welcome & Select source code directory Page2: select files in the directory, like *.h, *.cpp, *.java etc. You may select the files you want to make document for it. Page3: Show the status of comment of each file. Some file are well commented for Doxygen, while some are not. You may change comment style to meet the requirement of Doxygen. Page4: Select Doxygen options. For expert user, you may also select detailed options of Doxygen by yourself. Page5: Execute doxygen.exe and create documents Show the result and open the document created.
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