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  • I often use it to create images of Raspberry Pi. I made a Japanese pm file with gratitude.

  • Doesn't work for me. It makes the USB unserviceable. It format the drive, as supposed, but it also removes the partition. I had to recreate the partition table and use unetbootin.

  • Excellent Software.

  • NOT BRICKED: your USB is was and never will be bricked unless youre too stupid to read... you need to use dd to write another file table after using the drive as a boot device. YOURE A FUCKING IDIOT LERN2GOOGLE YOU MORON

  • Works sometimes, did corrupt about three USBS which I had to chuck out because they were f**ked, THIS ISSUE NEEDS TO BE FIXED.

  • Cannot get win32 to write to sd card. No errors simulates as if writing but in the end sd card is blank. Have tried on 3 separate computers and always the same. Tried in Safe Mode no difference. Use to work fine. Windows 10 Pro 64bit

  • The reference for img flashing on Windows. Works well! But, on a multi-partition USB stick/SD card, it's unclear if it is flashing on the whole device or not.

  • Theres is a portable version? Thank you.

  • Version 1.0.0 DOES work with Win 10. Other users mostly likely got a bad download, bad install, or downloaded from elsewhere. See attached images for proof. i [dot] imgur [dot] com/uEWoQkS.jpg

  • Confirm that 1.0.0 version doesn't work at Windows 10, 0.9.5 runs fine.

  • Works fine. Thank you.

  • works as advertised, watch out for the sneaky-ass crapware installer near the end of the installer setup! Win 10 Pro VM under unRAID 6.3

  • Version 0.9.5 works fine in windows 10. Version 1.0.0 has malware attached to it.

  • Can you add support for Windows XP in the latest version Please Thank you

  • Downloaded this specifically to install an ARM OS onto a micro SD card. Image mounted perfectly. No problems on boot.

  • Works great every time. Got to be careful and can be easy to mess things up if you are not.

  • Wrote Linux Mint Cinnamon to USB; worked like a charm. :)

  • File review Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-install.exe I tried installing on 2 HP laptops running Windows 10 and a desktop Running Windows 10. All three computers failed to install, all3 said "Unable to execute file: c:Program Files (x86)\ImageWriter\Win32DiskImager.exe", "CreateProcess failed;code 740. The requested operation requires elevation." One does not even have a virus protection program.

  • WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL???!!!! this thing bricked my 32gb memory stick! all i did was loaded a linux ISO, selected my memory stick on F drive and clicked 'Write' It failed and now my PC wont even recognise my memory stick. Thanks a LOT

  • Used the read function to make an image of a bootable CF card. Used write on a same sized CF card to create a new bootable copy. Painless with perfect results. Thanks so much!

  • Tends to work great, but when writing image to floppy disk IT WROTE IT ON MY SSD!

  • Does what it says, read and write disk image from and to a storage device. The only drawback is it can only read exact copy of the disk (not occupied sector only which have smaller file size) without compression.

  • Simple. Elegant. And does exactly what you need it to do.

  • Lost all memory on a flash drive, 8Gb = 2 Mb.

  • This software destroyed my 8GB SanDisk USB Key. Drive is invisible to Windows 10. Luckily it was visable on another computer, but could only format it to 1GB. Then I found BootIce could bring it back to 8GB on my computer, using the info at

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